Senate Appropriators Assign FY 2017 Spending Totals

April 14, 2016

Earlier today, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a plan to subdivide $1.07 trillion in spending authority for fiscal year 2017 amongst its twelve subcommittees.

The $1.07 trillion total mandated by the Budget Control Act (as amended last fall) is almost identical to the FY 2016 enacted total (the increase over 2016 is just $3.0 billion, or three-tenths of one percent).

The Transportation-HUD Subcommittee received an allocation of $56.474 billion in budget authority for FY 2017. This is $827 million less than the final total in 2016. Comparing the committee’s total to the President’s request is complicated, since the President proposed to shift over $11 billion in spending that is currently classified as discretionary (or has been classified as discretionary in the past) to the mandatory side of the budget, which the Appropriations Committees have rejected. The table at the bottom of this article shows the corrected total for the President’s budget request of $63.349 billion for the THUD subcommittee, and the Senate total is $10.2 billion less than that.

We will have more analysis of what this means for the THUD subcommittee in particular next week.



Photo credit: Senate Appropriations Committee Website

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