Rewriting the Rules of the Road

Our founder, William P. Eno, first penned the Rules of the Road in the early 1900s. These rules were adopted by New York City in 1909 and became the world’s first city traffic plan. Fast-forward almost 100 years later to 2015 and we have cars that can drive themselves, mega cities that are home to billions of people, and ever-evolving modes of transportation.

To explore the future of mobility and how these new technological advancements are and will continue to shape interactions on the roadway, the topic of Eno’s 18th annual Policy Summit is “The New Rules of the Road.” The Summit will be held on November 12 in Washington, DC, from 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM.

The Policy Summit will examine new trends in mobility and technology, and how those trends are affecting the use of streets and roadways. Traffic laws continue to target automobiles, but recent increases in bicycling and walking—particularly in urban areas—require a reexamination of how each modes shares the roadway space.

Panelists discussing “Who rules the road?,” will include Martha Roskowski from People for Bikes, Gene Hawkins from Texas A&M University, Tom Jensen from United Parcel Service (UPS), Bud Wright from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Neil Pederson of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) will moderate the panel.

The New Rules of the Road also have to consider technological impacts. Advancements such as speed cameras, electronic navigation, and smartphones have created distraction and confusion among drivers. Roads that were designed to maximize the speed of automobile traffic are now being used for many other purposes, leaving all users (drivers included) uncertain of the appropriate rules of the road.

Panelists exploring “How does technology change the rules of the road?” will include Sam LaMagna of Intel, Trish Plonski of Xerox, Dan Winston of Split, Mike Debonville of Car2Go, and Rit Aggarwalla of Sidewalk Labs. David Bragdon of Transit Center will moderate the Panel.

The luncheon keynote will feature Seleta Reynolds of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

The afternoon will feature exclusive ideas from entrepreneurs and academics on how to best transform interactions on the road, through the Great Upheaval. This will be a Shark-Tank like competition, allowing finalists to present their innovative ideas to the audience and judges. The judge panel will include Lois DeMeester from Mobility Lab, former Secretary of Transportation Jim Burnley, and Sam LaMagna of Intel.

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