One-Stop Reference Page for FY 2016 Transpo Budget/Appropriations Released

As part of the development of the new Eno Transportation Library, we are pleased to announce a new one-stop reference page, this one for the fiscal year 2016 budget and appropriations process for transportation and public works. The page can be accessed by the public (and bookmarked) here.

On this page you will find links to every conceivable document and reference to the 2016 budget/approps cycle, up through the just-enacted CR and the agency shutdown plans in case a CR is not enacted by midnight tomorrow. The page contains links to publicly available material, documents obtained by ETW (for Eno members and ETW subscribers only), and links to past ETW coverage of the various stages of the process (for ETW subscribers only).

The page will be updated constantly through the end of the FY 2016 cycle at which point we will retire the FY16 page to the Eno Transportation Library and put a new FY 2017 page up for the public. As time permits, we are also working backwards to assemble pages like this for past budget cycles for Eno members and ETW subscribers only, and we are also going to put together similar one-stop reference pages for major pieces of past transportation authorization legislation as well.

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