Nicole R. Nason Confirmed as New Federal Highway Administrator

March 29, 2019

After more than two years without a Federal Highway Administrator, the U.S. Senate yesterday voted to confirm the nomination of Nicole R. Nason to fill the post. Eager to fill the position, the vote was almost unanimous with 95 “yeas,” and only 1 “nay” from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). There were 4 counted as not voting (the tally sheet is here).

The vote was preceded by a statement from Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) who acknowledged that with her confirmation Nason would be inheriting challenges “greater than all her predecessors.”

These are the same challenges Carper presented in Nason’s confirmation hearing in late January, namely issues regarding funding, debt, climate change, safety, and access. Carper said, “the challenges are great, but so are the opportunities,” as he went on to emphasize the key to any successful organization being leadership. “More than hope, I believe Ms. Nason will be a partner with Congress,” opening up the votes with a confident acclimation that she is a top leader the Federal Highway Administration and American people need.

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