Eno’s Convergence to Address Transportation Mobility Innovations

Mobility options are expanding everyday as new technologies come online and new technological mobility applications are developed. This month Eno is hosting Convergence on March 24, which will bring together experts from the public and private sectors, leading academics, and game changing innovators to discuss one of the most pressing issues in transportation: technological innovation. During this forum we will spend the day with top thinkers in the field to explore the role of public policy in incentivizing the development and proliferation of groundbreaking technology enabled mobility options, while also ensuring public safety and the public interest.

In recent years, we have seen an exponential growth in new technology enabled transportation applications. In 2010 Uber launched its black car service, and in six short years have seen unprecedented growth of the transportation network company industry. The taxi industry has experienced substantial disruption as a result of new entrants into the market and cumbersome regulations. Modern bikesharing systems have been proliferating across the country in the last decade. Carsharing has become a growing option on the mobility menu. And innovations in freight, traveler information, and transit have changed the way that we experience mobility options. Further, engineers are making huge technological leaps in vehicle automation.

These things are exciting, and we should continue to explore all of the potential applications of these new, game-changing technologies. But technological innovation cannot solve all of our transportation challenges. In order for these technologies to have the proper regulatory framework and to be utilized to their full potential, the public and private sectors need to work together to help define that future.

Convergence will convene the public and private sectors to facilitate a conversation that will help to create the framework for our mobility future, identify the role of the public This one-day forum is part of a multi-part, multi-faceted research project at Eno called Digital Cities that will explore the role of public policy in relation to transportation and new technology.

Register today to attend Convergence and be a part of this conversation.

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