Eno’s Commitment

The Eno Center for Transportation firmly believes that a diverse group of staff, board members, and partners (both formal and informal) from various racial, ethnic, political, and professional backgrounds helps to enhance and validate the quality and rigor of our work. A free and spirited exchange that draws upon a wide variety of views, thoughts, experiences, and personal backgrounds is fundamental to what we do.

But we need to do more.

The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent outpouring clearly demonstrates the systemic racism and injustice toward people of color and Black Americans. Since transportation is a significant share of the U.S. economy, it is not immune to these challenges and, indeed, often reinforces and exacerbates them. As we continue to provide objective analysis on the most relevant and timely topics, these issues must be prioritized.

My words here are not enough. I ask our readers, partners, collaborators, and friends to hold us accountable for delivering on this promise:

We are committed to highlighting inequality through the work we produce, the issues we tackle, the coursework we provide, and the voices to whom we provide a powerful platform­.

We can do better as an organization and we must do better as a nation.

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