Eno Launches New Podcast Series with Jeff Davis

The U.S. government may have its origins in appreciation for the Greco-Roman world, but it actually operates in a fairly Byzantine fashion. Fortunately, Eno has launched a new series that aims to help listeners cut through the underbrush of the jungle that is the federal budget making process.

“Dollar Discourse: Deciphering the Federal Transportation Budget Process” is a new, limited-edition podcast series that explores the ins, outs, and in-betweens of the federal budget process. Eno’s very own Jeff Davis will help listeners not only gain a better understanding of how federal budgets are created and enacted, but also how the actors and the institutions interact to create the final product that affects everything from aeronautics to zinc.

In addition to fleshing out the federal budget process, the podcast will also feature “mailbag” episodes where Jeff Davis will answer your questions directly. Listeners can submit their questions via Jeffrey’s Tube, located on the podcast home page.

Finally, members will have access to exclusive content such as special visual aids, podcast transcripts, and additional research resources. The podcasts also feature special discount codes that listeners can use to get $200 from their next membership. So listen closely!

The first four episodes of the podcast series are now available for listening on Eno’s website or on Spotify. Episodes will be released weekly.

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