Eno FlyScore Ranks Regions With Best Domestic Airline Service In New Report

December 1, 2017

This week Eno released the sixth policy brief in the Eno Aviation Insights series – Where are airline passengers getting the best service?

Although airline customer satisfaction has been growing since 1994, airline passengers receive different levels of service among metropolitan areas.

In order to determine where passengers are receiving the highest levels of service, Eno created a FlyScore for the 47 largest metropolitan regions in the United States. This new metric gives an indication as to where passengers can access other parts of the country easily, inexpensively, and with choice.

Eno combined the factors that matter most to fliers to develop the FlyScore, measuring the quality of service for each metropolitan area based on four variables:

  • Direct destinations: Number of domestic destinations at each metropolitan area
  • Frequency: Number of domestic flights operated out of each metropolitan area
  • Competition: Combined percentage of domestic traffic share of the largest carrier within each
    metropolitan area
  • Price: Average one-way fare in and out of each metropolitan area

Read the full brief here.
Explore the FlyScore here.

Eno Aviation Insights answers the questions that the media and consumers regularly ask but are difficult to dissect. These policy briefs not only look at system-wide averages, but also discern what is happening in markets across the United States.


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