Eno Center Hires Two New Staffers

July 14, 2016

The Eno Center for Transportation has hired two new staff members.

Stanford Turner will serve as Senior Policy Analyst. A District of Columbia native, Stan began working at the Pew Charitable Trusts in 2008 after getting his undergraduate degree at Michigan State. After working his way up in the Pew Center on the States, he moved to Pew’s Government Performance Division in 2013, where has worked on a joint venture between Pew and the MacArthur Foundation, the “Results First Initiative.” In that capacity, he has worked with state and local government officials to support the incorporation of economic principles and evidence-based practices into their policymaking and budgetary processes.

He was part of the team that put together the 2013 report States’ Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis and has contributed to other projects encouraging evidence-based policymaking. In his spare time, he earned a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Georgetown University.

He adds, “I am very excited to join Eno and explore the intersections of innovation, technology and transportation within cities. The importance of harnessing this information for public sector leaders in their creation and implementation of supportive policies will help all transportation networks in positive ways.”

Greg Rogers will serve as Communications Specialist and Assistant Editor of Eno Transportation Weekly. A native of Tulare, California (immortalized in the great Merle Haggard song Tulare Dust), Greg graduated Cal-Berkeley in 2013 and moved to DC, where he interned on Capitol Hill and then worked at the transportation-oriented lobbying firm of Alcalde & Fay before moving to the spinoff firm of Iseman & Szeliga.

A growing interest in transportation networks led him to co-found a website called The Autonomer dedicated to covering issues relating to automation in transportation. (To gain matching real-world expertise, he also drove for Uber and Lyft part-time, earning a 4.95 rating over 450 rides.) His work with The Autonomer also led Greg and his co-founder to contribute to Eno’s 2015 Policy Summit and make a proposal for Shared-Use Mobility Zones, which led to their writing up their proposal for an article in ETW.

Since last fall, he has worked at POLITICO with the business sales team, focusing on sales of POLITICO Pro Transportation to government agencies.

He adds, “I am thrilled to join Eno at this time when transportation is changing as dramatically as when Eno was founded 95 years ago. We are at the beginning of a great transformation in mobility as our networks become more sophisticated, our cities smarter, and our policies more conscious. I look forward to working with Eno, its members, and the community at large in transportation’s newest “Stoplight Moment” – another opportunity to increase mobility, safety, equity, and sustainability for our communities.”

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