Eno Aviation Insights: How Do Taxes And Fees Change If Air Traffic Control Is Privatized?

January 19, 2018

The Eno Center for Transportation released the latest entry in its Aviation Insight series this week, “How Do Taxes And Fees Change If Air Traffic Control Is Privatized?”

This report examines the potential impacts of recent air traffic control (ATC) reform proposals from Congress and the Trump Administration on the current funding structure for ATC operations. A major aspect of the proposed reform is overhauling the current tax-based funding structure to one that is based on user fees.

To determine how flyers would be affected by ATC reform, Eno compared the current approach to ATC to one used in Canada. Eno selected twenty routes at random, with an emphasis on large and medium hub airports since they carry over 85 percent of all domestic passengers, to calculate the potential change in average fares.

Read Eno’s findings and download the full report here.



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