Eno Announces the Future Leaders Development Conference Class of 2016

Each year, the Eno Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) gives 20 of the nation’s top graduate students in transportation a first-hand look at how national transportation policies are developed. Students apply to the program early in the year, and those selected as “Eno Fellows” come to Washington, DC for a week in the spring of meetings with federal officials and leaders of business and non-profit organizations.

This year’s LDC will be held June 5 to 9 in Washington D.C. Learn more here.

Notable Alumni

  • Mr. Greg Cohen, President and CEO, American Highway Users Alliance (Class of 1999)
  • Ms. Trish Hendren, Director, Office of Performance, Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (Class of 1999)
  • Mr. Tom O’Brien, Executive Director, Center for International Trade and Transportation, California State University Long Beach (Class of 2000)
  • Mr. Robert Ritter, Office of Safety, Federal Highway Administration, US Department of Transportation (Class of 1998)

Future Leaders Development Conference Class of 2016

  • Ms. Tanya Allen, MCP, Urban Studies and Planning, the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Mr. Alexis Biddle, MCRP, Law; Planning, Public Policy, and Management, University of Oregon
  • Mr. Marcus Brewer, PhD, Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University
  • Mr. Jack Cebe, MCRP/MCE, School of City and Regional PlanningMr. Adam Davidson, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Adam, Davidson, PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences, City University of New York – Graduate Center
  • Mr. Michael Hyland, PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Ms. Bernadette Lambert, JD, PMP, Earth and Environmental Sciences, San Jose State University
  • Ms. Jaimee Lederman, PhD, Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ms. Corinna Li, MS, Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Joanna Moody, MS and PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Michiko Morisaki, MCP, School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University
  • Ms. Andisheh Ranjbari, PhD, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona
  • Ms. Alison Redenz, MURP, Planning and Design, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Ms. Lisa Rayle, PhD, City and Regional Planning, University of California at Berkeley
  • Ms. Atiyya Shaw, PhD, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Ivana Tasic, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah
  • Mr. Arnold Valdez, MUP, Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California
  • Mr. Anton Volov, MPA, Public Administration, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Mr. Jonathan Wood, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Ms. Ema Carol Yamamoto, City of Philadelphia, Streets Department

Scholarship Winners

GAR Foundation Award Winner – Ms. Jaimee Lederman

About the GAR Foundation

The GAR Foundation is a private, independent foundation established in 1967 as a charitable trust by Galen J. Roush, co-founder and chief executive officer of Roadway Express. Today the GAR Foundation’s assets total approximately $180 million. The Foundation has distributed more than $115 million since its inception to support charitable organizations within the Foundation’s areas of interest. Charitable priorities include education, the arts, social services, and activities that are judged for the general good of the community.

The GAR Foundation’s mission statement is “To strengthen communities in our region through discerning and creative support of worthy organizations.

Rodney Slater Award Winner – Ms. Andisheh Ranjbari

About the Rodney Slater Award

Rodney Slater served as secretary of transportation in the Clinton Administration. Before being named Secretary in 1997, Mr. Slater was Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, where he created the National Highway System. From 1987 to 1992, he was a member of the Arkansas State Highway Commission, serving as its chairman in 1992.

As Secretary, Slater truly focused on leadership. He strove to make the US Department of Transportation visionary and vigilant, and he engaged all employees to work toward transportation excellence. Through the Garrett A. Morgan program, Mr. Slater touched 3 million young people and introduced them to the challenges and rewards of transportation.

Mr. Slater grew up in Marianna, Arkansas, one of the poorest areas in America. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University and earned a law degree at the University of Arkansas. In 1994, Eastern Michigan presented him its Black Alumni Achievement Award.

The Rodney Slater Award for the Leadership Development Conference is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities amidst life’s challenges and adversity, a thirst for knowledge, and a drive to achieve.

Eno Alumni Award Winner – Ms. Atiyya Shaw

About the Eno Alumni Award

The Eno Alumni Award is given to the highest-rated applicant in each Future Leaders Development class. Applications to be an Eno Fellow are scored by the Eno Board of Regents based upon academics, service, research, work experience, and a personal statement. This award is funded through small donations from previous Eno Fellows and was established in 2015.

Charles William Koch Award Winner – Ms. Ivana Tasic

About the Charles William Koch Award

Charles William Koch devoted his professional career to transportation improvements. Much of his professional work was in the area of railroad operations and highway traffic engineering. He conducted traffic surveys, developed traffic plans, and evaluated project alternatives for a number of improvements in US cities. He also specialized in bus and railroad operations and modernization, as well as rapid transit planning.

During World War II he worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers in France, Germany, and the Philippines. He also spent 5 years working on traffic control, highway relocation, and transportation planning in Basel, Switzerland.

In his will, Mr. Koch made a bequest to the Eno Center for Transportation, with the purpose of increasing knowledge and developing better ways to address transportation issues.

The Charles William Koch Award recognizes exceptional academic achievement and leadership qualities evidenced by a student specializing in transportation operations.

Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship Winner – Mr. Jonathan Wood

About the Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship 

Dr. Thomas (“Tom”) D. Larson exhibited a lifelong commitment to the fields of transportation and engineering and to academic excellence. He was born near Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, and attended Penn State University, where he earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in civil engineering. He later returned to Penn State where he founded what is now known as the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State.

In 1970 Dr. Larson helped establish the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and was later appointed by Governor Richard Thornburgh to become secretary of PennDOT. In 1989, Larson was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to head the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) where he led the preparation of the National Transportation Policy in 1990 and played a major role in molding the landmark Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991.

Dr. Larson was an active leader in a number of professional organizations, including serving as chairman of the Eno Foundation’s Board of Regents. During his many years of affiliation with the Foundation, he was a strong proponent of the Eno Leadership Development Conference program. In memory of Dr. Larson’s commitment to leadership development, the Eno Center for Transportation has established the Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship – a scholarship to support the tuition costs for one student each year to become an Eno Fellow and participate in the Leadership Development Conference.

The recipient of the Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship will be an individual who is enrolled in a Ph.D. program in transportation and reflects Dr. Larson’s commitment to improving the transportation field.

If you applied to be in this year’s class but were not accepted please stay tuned. We received many excellent applications but weren’t able to accommodate everyone in this year’s class. Sign up for our Future Leaders Development Conference Interest List to stay informed.


For questions about Eno’s LDC, please contact Erin Shumate, Events Manager, at eshumate@enotrans.org or (202) 879-4703.

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