American Public Transportation Association and the Eno Center for Transportation Sign Cooperative Agreement

On June 9, 2016 the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the Eno Center for Transportation (Eno) signed a three-year cooperative agreement.

This agreement acknowledges the long-standing partnership and complementary visions that both organizations have in support of public transportation. The activities that the two organizations participate in will be subject to on-going review to ensure the needs of the public transportation industry are met.

The agreement between the two organizations is based on their common goals and objectives:

  • Increasing the supply of well-trained professionals in the public transportation industry.
  • Encouraging the growth of knowledge and networks of transportation professionals and encouraging the continuous learning of emerging leaders.
  • Improving the quality of professional development and training for public transportation professionals, including the preparation of senior managers to assume the responsibilities of top leaders at public transportation agencies and companies.
  • Sharing information and technical assistance between the two organizations.
  • Sharing insights and maintaining an open dialogue on issues of transportation policy. 

“The Eno Center is very excited to enter into this agreement with APTA. We believe that this agreement will benefit both organizations, but more importantly we believe it will greatly benefit public transportation,” said Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes. “We look forward to working together to support and improve public transportation.”

“By working together with the Eno Center, we can better educate and prepare the next generation of leaders,” said APTA Acting President & CEO Richard A. White.  “APTA’s collaborative efforts with the Eno Center in a variety of areas will help to advance the public transportation industry.”

This agreement is effective as of June 9, 2016.

For further information regarding this agreement contact Alexander Laska at 202-879-4700 or


About the American Public Transportation Association

APTA is an association representing public transportation providers, industry suppliers, governmental transportation organizations, universities and other transit related interests in the United States, Canada and abroad. APTA’s mission is to serve and lead its diverse membership through advocacy, innovation and information sharing to strengthen and expand public transportation.

About the Eno Center for Transportation 

The Eno Center is an independent, non-partisan think-tank that promotes policy innovation and provides professional development opportunities across the career span of transportation professionals.

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