How has air travel in specific metropolitan areas changed in recent years?

Today Eno released the fifth policy brief in the Eno Aviation Insights series – How has air travel in specific metropolitan areas changed in recent years?

Across the United States, the average airline passenger is able to take more direct and less expensive flights than 15 years ago. However, the level of service varies quite a bit when examined region by region. In examining specific locations, certain nuances become apparent at individual airports. Airports that are major hubs for airlines, are located in tourist areas, or are large international gateways have fared well. On the flip side, airports that are located near major hubs or that have lost their hub airline status have lost significant traffic.

Read the full brief here.

Eno Aviation Insights answers the questions that the media and consumers regularly ask but are difficult to dissect. These policy briefs not only look at system-wide averages, but also discern what is happening in markets across the United States.

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