The Eno Board of Regents supports Eno’s educational and professional development programs. Members are selected from across the public and private sectors and share Eno’s commitment to creative and visionary leadership in the transportation sector.

The Board of Regents does not frequently meet as a whole. Rather, its usual mode of operation is for several members to collaborate on discrete aspects of the program. These fall into three broad categories:

  • Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC)
    • Review all applicants for the LDC Conference annually
    • Assist in the evaluation and selection of successful program applicants
    • Select award winners from among the applicants, according to the selection criteria set by the donor(s)
    • Participate in a panel for the LDC Fellows, if available
  • Course/Program Development
    • Offer advice to improve the value of Eno’s professional development programs, help identify needs in workforce development, and promote courses to the transportation community
    • Assist with development of educational and leadership skill development webinars to provide quality continuing education
    • Select winners of scholarships to select Eno courses.
    • Participating as a guest speaker in one of Eno’s programs
  • Network and Community
    • Provide on-going opportunities to network and build relationships across Eno’s alumni network through Eno receptions, alumni-organized happy hours, and other alumni events
    • Participate actively in Eno’s social media, including the Eno Alumni Facebook Group
    • Support fundraising efforts for scholarships and initiatives
    • Contribute relevant professional development or leadership skill development articles for Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW) and/or the Eno Alumni Newsletter

Members serve a two-year term, beginning in January each year, and can be invited to serve by Eno staff or alumni can apply and be approved by staff. Not all members of the Board of Regents are Eno alumni, but strong preference is given to applicants that are. In addition, they meet annually with the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors to provide advice on organizational priorities and participate in policy and professional development activities.

If you would like to join Eno’s Board of Regents and contribute to building educational and professional development programs to benefit the transportation industry, please apply below.