Greetings Eno Alumni!

As the weather cools and we all get back to work from our August vacations, I am excited to share with you several new developments here at Eno.

First, I am pleased to announce we are expanding our Board of Regents in order to help us better steward Eno’s alumni network and provide you with additional opportunities to get involved and build your own networks and knowledge. Specifically, the Board of Regents will continue its current work to support the Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) and now will also help Eno develop our professional development programs, such as webinars, and support Eno’s alumni network through in-person and virtual network development. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website for more information. Eno staff and our Board of Directors will review nominations received by October 4, 2018 and announce the new members this winter.

On the policy front, Eno continues to provide vital insight into the most pressing and relevant issues in transportation. For example, we recently examined the fees levied on transportation network companies at the state and local level in our most recent Eno Brief, Taxing New Mobility Services: What’s Right? What’s Next? On the federal level, another paper—Deal or No Deal: Prospects for Airport Privatization in the United States—was intended to directly inform the discussion about these arrangements in legislation currently winding its way through Congress. Later this year, look for new policy work on the transportation workforce, procurement, and ballot measures.

Please stay in touch via our new Alumni Group on Facebook or join as an Alumni member (it’s free). Thank you all again for all you do to improve transportation in your communities and for being part of Eno’s dynamic and talented alumni network.